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Space Weather

What is space weather?

On planet Earth violent weather phenomena such as snowstorms and thunderstorms occur. Other types of storms can occur in space.

Changing SunThey are known as "solar storms" and like their counterparts on Earth they too may cause problems for us humans, especially because we are so dependent on satellite technology.

The effects that these "solar storms" can cause are usually only relevant for space-borne systems, but in extreme cases effects may be registered all the way down on Earth. (Image courtesy of SXT/Yohkoh)

Introduction to Space Weather


Space weather services


The European Space Weather Portal, ESWeP, is an integrated website offering scientists a centralised point of access for sharing their knowledge and result

Begun by a COST initiative, the site is hosted and maintained by BIRA-IASB in collaboration with scientists from approximately thirty countries. A part of the site is devoted to education and public outreach.




SPENVIS is an operational space weather tool of the European Space Agency (ESA), developed and maintained by BIRA-IASB.

Consisting of a web interface, it is used by engineers in defining space missions and designing space instruments. It allows an initial analysis of problems associated with the space environment and its effects.


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